less work, more results for data analysis with R

The functions in the lessR R package provide many of the most common data analyses, each obtained with a simple function call. In general, an analysis consists of both one or more visualizations as well as statistical output. Most data analytic lessR function calls provide both. Some examples of just the visualization output follow, with the accompanying function calls. The optional style function provides options beyond the default styling.

  • library(lessR)
  • d <- Read("Employee")

  • Histogram(Salary)
  • BarChart(Dept)

  • library(lessR)
  • d <- Read("Mach4")
  • style("orange",

  • Plot(m06)
  • Plot(m06, m07,

This site provides support for doing data analysis with the R program using the functions in the package lessR, as documented by the accompanying text.

R Data Analysis without Programming
David W. Gerbing
Routledge/Taylor & Francis Publishing
December, 2014

Since late Fall 2013 when the previous book was finalized, lessR has undergone much development, and will be featured in the forthcoming book that also covers other visualization functions such as from ggplot2.

Data Visualization with R
David W. Gerbing
CRC Press
Forthcoming, 2020


Following are some links to more information.

Both R and lessR are free and open source, and run identically on Macintosh, Windows and Linux/Unix computers.